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11 Songs

1. Allo Darlin’ – Woody Allen: Why? Woody Allen, Ingmar Bergman in a song! Perfect.

2. Tender Trap – Do You Want a Boyfriend?: Why? Heavenly. Indiepop.

3. Brett Anderson – Unsung: Why? Feels like a Suede song. We all love Suede, right?

4. Modeselektor feat. Thom Yorke – Shipwreck

5. M83 – Midnight City

6. Simon Bookish – Sea Song (Robert Wyatt cover)
Simon Bookish – Sea Song (Robert Wyatt cover)

7. DJ Shadow – Sad And Lonely

8. Dum Dum Girls – Bedroom Eyes

9. Mona – Listen To Your Love

10. Veronica Falls – Found Love in a Graveyard

11. Richard Wagner – Tristan und Isolde, Prelude


My 2010 Soundtrack

My favourite 2010 albums:

1. Hot Chip – One Life Stand
2. LCD Soundsystem – This in Happening
3. Moto Boy – Lost in Call
4. Crystal Castles – Crystal Castles (II)
5. The Indelicates – Songs For Swinging Lovers
6. The Knife – Tomorrow, in a Year
7. Arcade Fire – The Suburbs
8. jj –No 3
9. Belle and Sebastian – Belle & Sebastian Write About Love
10. The Drums – The Drums

My Favourite 2010 Songs

1. Moto Boy – The Heart Is A Rebel: OK, I still love the Smiths…

2. Patrick Wolf – Time Of My Life

3. The Indelicates – Savages: A bit pretentious? Perhaps, but who cares? How many modern artists write lyrics like these:

But we are ash, we are books
Coffee stained and overlooked
We are ornamental swords
Forged for the peace after the war
And the world has no need
Of the songs that we sang
We are savages, you and I
And we will hang, hang, hang

4. Chapel Club – Surfacing: 80’s is back. Wait a minute! It never went away! Thank BOD for that!

5. jj – My Life: It might be a cover, but it’s excellent.

6. Hot Chip – I Feel Better: Extra points for the video.

7. LCD Soundsystem – I Can Change

8. Belle & Sebastian – I Want The World To Stop

9. Vampire Weekend – Cousins

10. Caribou – Odessa

11. Club 8- Dancing With the Mentally Ill

12. The Drums – Best Friend

13. The Knife – Ebb Tide Explorer

14. The National – Bloodbuzz Ohio

15. Gorillaz – Glitter Freeze

16. Villagers – Becoming A Jackal: “I was a dreamer, staring at windows…”

17. The Divine Comedy – At The Indie Disco: Yes… That’s how it used to be…

We’ve got a table in the corner that is always ours
Under the poster of Morrissey with a bunch of flowers
We drink and talk about stupid stuff
Then hit the floor for Tainted love
You know I just can’t get enough
At the indie disco, the indie disco, at the indie disco yeah
Give us some Pixies and some Roses and some Valentines
Give us some Blur, and some Cure, and some Wannadies

17. Best Coast – When I’m With You

18. Crystal Castles – Celestica: That should have been in the top 10…

19. Bleu – B.O.S.T.O.N.: No studio version on youtube..

20. Marina And The Diamonds – Hollywood

– extra: Morrissey – Oh Phoney – from the remastered reissue of Bona Drag…

Who can make Hitler
seem like a bus conductor?
You do…


A Little Less Whining…

I may have given the wrong impression. So many posts about me whining about little and not so little things. It’s time to talk about things that I like. Yes, being a teensy bit hypomanic makes the world seem better. Not great or anything; just better.

A few things I liked lately (not that anyone really cares):

1. “Sherlock”. Yes. I’m glad the money I had to pay for the TV licence didn’t go to waste. If you haven’t seen it, please do. It’s brilliant. Baker Street was my old neighbourhood (North Gower Street) and had the film crew (literally!) outside my flat twice this winter. I almost fell on a lamppost thanks to Benedict Cumberbatch. No one saw that, thankfully.

2. Not a great year for music. Hot Chip, The Knife, LCD Soundsystem, JJ, The Drums, The National, and Caribou released excellent albums though..

3. Nevermore: The Imaginary Life and Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe by the Catalyst Theatre. Best performance of 2010 so far. The music was great too.

4. Getting the chance to be at the audience of QI. Jealous? I know you are. If only Stephen Fry had heard our question before the start of the show.. We were asking for Psychology trivia. He heard syphilis instead. What would Freud say? Sorry for that. Freud jokes are not funny.

5. Dirty Projectors at Barbican. Enough said.


Me against Hollywood

So many people claiming that Nolan’s “Inception” made their brains work. Of course it did, it’s the age of the idiots, isn’t it? Yes, I know I’m whining a lot lately, but for Sherlock’s sake, the film was stupid, boring and… superficial. There’s a word that sums it up; Hollywood. It’s getting worse minute by minute, by the way. Special effects, more special effects, loud noises, explosions, gunshots, no need for script at all. You may as well fire all the screenwriters and hire more people to do the special effects.
Do you know what was even worse than the film itself? The movie trailers shown before. PIRANHA?!?! People will pay good money to see a film like this? Just because it’s 3D? Do you need more proof? Aren’t you convinced that we live amongst millions or billions of idiots?

Coming back to “Inception”… Seriously, what was original about it? Hmmmm… If you’re 10, you have a good excuse. Visit your local videostore, DVD store, or torrent site and start watching some older films. Some PROPER films with screenplays and all that. If you need movies that make your brain “work 100% (like some tweeps say)” try watching “Mulholland Drive”, or “Solaris”. Now, if you’re older, do the same. It’s like the whole Benjamin Button thing all over again. Good ideas, hideous writing… The next sentence contains spoilers. You can stop reading now, if you’re planning to watch “Inception” – please don’t. What can be more pretentious than the last scene in “Inception”? This is childish (and pretentious). The perfect Hollywood success recipe: make a movie that seems complex, and deep, but keep it simple, so that people will make sense of it. They’ll leave feeling clever(er) – like they’ve solved a riddle or something. Thus, they’ll end up adoring your movie.

Unfortunately, the financial crisis didn’t generate any great ideas. People have become so numb and dumb… TV is so much better than Hollywood. Dr Who, Sherlock, The IT Crowd, The Big Bang Theory (…) and guess what? You can catch them on repeat on iplayers and watch them on your own without all those annoying people chewing pop-corn in your ear!

PS1: ART isn’t about solving riddles.
PS2: Go watch Sherlock.
PS3: forgot what it was…


A Short Cartoon about Time

You’ll probably know David Firth’s Salad Fingers. If you don’t, leave this page NOW and click here .

Here’s one of my favourite videos by Firth. The guy is a genius. If you like Lynch, surrealism and dark comedy you’ll probably like it too.

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